Focus in autumn: Working with OSTs

Some years ago I was pretty used to work with music in my headphones, listening to everything from fast french electro to german rap.

Not sure if my depth of work has changed or the music I listened to got more distracting (maybe both), but I have more and more issues focusing on work while listening to music with vocals.

But for me working without getting sounds from my surrounding is important to concentrate so I fight this with my noise cancelling Sennheiser PXC 550 (great product!) and overlaying ambient sounds.

As I find Noizio still a great app to mix different background sounds, this became a bit to boring over time.

In the last weeks I tested some albums and it turned out that dark, a bit melancholic and spooky soundtracks which create a certain tension, a perfect for me to get lost in work and block noises from the environment. Plus: Fits to the current season perfectly.

So I created the playlist below, featuring soundtracks from movies like Interstellar, The Revenant, Sicario, The Sinner, The Social Network, Drive and Ex Machina. Maybe this might work out for you as well.