Allgäu Triathlon 2018

This weekend was a blast! Attended my first triathlon in the beautiful Allgäu mountain landscape - which means some meters in height to tackle:

I did the olympic distance, which is 1.5km swimming, 42km cycling and 10km running. Out of 765 participants I constantly improved my position and I am quite happy with the result. I was really afraid about swimming, but it turned out to be great fun.

Point Tageszeit Zeit Rang
Startzeit 9:00:00,0    
Landgang 9:20:11,5 20:11,5 499.
Swim-In 9:36:03,5 36:03,5 439.
WZ-Out 9:39:10,9 39:10,9 413.
Bike-3km 9:43:56,9 43:56,9 396.
Bike-17km 10:24:54,9 1:24:54,9 315.
Bike-28km 10:42:05,8 1:42:05,8 331.
Bike-In 11:09:55,1 2:09:55,1 328.
Run-Out 11:12:03,6 2:12:03,6 333.
Run-2km 11:18:49,1 2:18:49,1 313.
Run-3,5km 11:29:30,2 2:29:30,2 297.
Run-6,3km 11:42:57,4 2:42:57,4 283.
Ziel 11:59:23,6 2:59:23,6 265.

Cycle track

As you can see in the video, there is a steep mountain to be climbed after the first two kilometers. The Calvarien-Hill. All in all 1.600 meters in height must be tackled. Berlin makes it hard to train for that.

Running track

The first steps after dismounting the bike were terrible. But after 2 kilometers and another steep hill muscles relaxed a bit and I was able to find my pace.

One of the hosts of Pushing Limits actually did win the race (half distance) and did a video about the day:

It’s one of Germanys oldest races with famous participants.

Looking forward to 2019!