About this blog

Starting a blog was something I carried with me for a long time. In the last month I started to collect thoughts, forced them into articles and drafted a web template.

It was really hard disciplining myself to kick off this project and bring it live. But there are several reasons why I want to keep this project running, which I want to share with you:

The reasons behind starting this blog

Collecting the meaningful

I feel for myself, that I don’t have a place where I really collect meaningful things in terms of ideas, findings from my job, documenting my travels and getting feedback to all of this.

Of course there is Instagram and a hard drive full of pictures, but I also wanted to have a place where I can store different media and different types of content.

Writing is thinking

Forcing yourself to write down thoughts on an idea or topic really helps to focus and formulate what you want to express. I find this particularly important for topics which I want to communicate in my team at blogfoster. I claim for myself to think things through properly before I approach others.

Getting to know what this is all about

As Co-Founder and CPO at blogfoster I would allege that I already have a good understanding of what it means to be a blogger or an influencer. But, you all know the saying: Doing is for understanding.

So this year I’ll put on my yearly goals to start a blog, publish five videos on YouTube, get more than 1.000 followers on Instagram and Twitter to really know what our 40.000 users are up to on a daily basis.


I’ve already found the experience really helpful, by sharing the things I do through Instagram. People have started to approach me through the platform, sharing tips and giving feedback, which had led to some beautiful conversations.

With this blog I want to go a step further and highlight and examine topics from my professional and private life. The goal: Start conversations with people who feel connected to this.

A place for remembering

I often wonder, how I will think about things differently in some years. This blog will help me to preserve the status quo. I can already imagine howit interesting it will be interesting to go through these articles in the future.


So I am super happy if you join me on this journey. Subscribe via Email (form below) or RSS or connect via my social channels.